Patient Testimonials

Patrica D, 3-year antibiotic patient

Patrica D, 3-year antibiotic patient

“I’ve been receiving my IV medication, and oxygen, from PromptCare for over three years. When they say they’re going to do something, they do it. If they say my medication will be here at a certain time, it is. That’s my security blanket. Kathleen has been a lifesaver; she listens beyond what she needs to, to really understand me. I spend less time at the hospital because of their care. I’m more emotionally, physically and spiritually connected because of PromptCare.

“What I love about PromptCare is that they allow me to have a life outside of being sick. I enjoy life with my family and friends. And while I’ve never been this sick, they make me feel more normal, more relaxed, more comfortable. They’re very family-oriented and that’s very valuable to me. I love to cook and it’s not uncommon for the delivery guys to walk out with a bag of cookies. I’m just so grateful to them. There’s so much compassion and love and that’s very special.”

- Patricia D., Antibiotic patient, working with PromptCare for over three years Jefferson, New Jersey

“Before I left the hospital, the nurse came in and explained everything. And within an hour of arriving home, the nurse came and taught me how to use the IV line. They were not only prompt but also took the time with me to make sure I was comfortable. And they spent time with my wife as well, answering both our questions. They didn’t rush us but stayed with us until we were comfortable.

“I had a problem with my PICC line on a Friday night at 8:30, and had an allergic reaction to the medication. They were here within the hour, which I thought was incredible. With all the issues I’ve had, PromptCare has been there for us. They made a very difficult situation very easy for us to handle. They’re terrific to work with.”
- Joseph P., New Antibiotic patient, receiving services for just under a month Wayne, New Jersey

“I have now been with PromptCare for over six months. In that time, I have been impressed with many aspects of your business, as well as with several personnel from your firm. This past July 4th holiday weekend when I was out of town on the East end of Long Island, I accidentally cut my IV Pic line tubing. When I called the after-hours hotline, the nurse on duty made some calls and had a nurse from Suffolk County to replace the damaged line. If she had not found someone, I would have had to go and wait at a Riverhead hospital on a holiday weekend and they may not have had the replacement parts that I needed.”

“The support staff from the head nutritionist to the senior pharmacist, as well as the head nurse manager, are all so caring and user friendly. They have helped me many, many times to navigate the ups and downs of being on nightly TPN, as well as dealing with the side problems stemming from my Crohn’s disease. They have always delivered on time my weekly supplies for the past six months on the same day and with no delivery issues. I would recommend PromptCare for anyone who needs their type of product service.”
- Mitchel A., TPN patient, receiving services for over six months New York City, NY

“When I came home, Andrea came and sat with me. She taught me how to use the equipment, step by step, and even had me do it myself to make sure I was comfortable. It was a great learning experience for me. She came by the next day to make sure everything was working properly.

“PromptCare really is wonderful. They’re there for me every time I call and have questions or need any changes. Regarding the supplies, they’re right on target. Anything I need, they’re there for me. The quality of care is excellent. Even the delivery guys are terrific, making sure to put the boxes where I can handle them without too much trouble. Everybody there is very caring and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
- Elizabeth P., TPN patient, receiving care and services for nearly three years Massapequa, New York

“PromptCare has been so wonderful to Walter and me since he began receiving care. I happened to have been in the hospital when he came home, and their nurse Chris came to teach Walter and my son on how to use the equipment. When I came home, they gladly came back and were very good at educating me, writing out instructions.

”It’s been unbelievable the progress Walter has made. He was hardly walking, using a wheelchair or walker. And now he’s moving around so well, and eating better! He’s doing wonderful because of their care. Chris, our nurse, is always available to us if we have questions, night or day. I can’t say enough how thankful we are.”
- Betty K., spouse of Walter who has been receiving Milrinone IV care and services from PromptCare since January 2014 Stoney Point, NY

“Since I’ve been working with PromptCare, I feel much better than before I went into the hospital. I have the best nursing care I’ve ever had; she treats me like a friend. And now I’m able to do things I wasn’t able to before. I can run around with my grandkids, walk outside and get around. It’s been wonderful and they’ve been wonderful to me.”
- Derek B., receiving Milrinone IV care and services from PromptCare for over a year Edison, NJ

Customer Testimonials

“Hospital discharge day can be a very anxious time for patients, so coordination is very important. PromptCare takes care of everything, and that’s a big deal. The families know when they arrive home that everything will arrive, including their medications. They make the home care transition comfortable for patients and their families. They help families understand that they’re not alone.”
- Social Worker, New York

“PromptCare is great at recognizing the subtleties of our patients. We deal with a highly critical population, and they recognize the little changes that could exacerbate our patients’ health issues and make recommendations for change. PromptCare is reliable. They’re there when I need them and they make my job easier.”
- Transplant Coordinator, New Jersey

“PromptCare is always willing to help us, no matter what, no matter when. They’re invested in my patients’ well being, and are very good with clinically complicated cases; that’s their specialty. PromptCare is my first choice for heart failure patients.”
- Case Manager, New Jersey

“PromptCare is a one-stop shop for getting the patient set up. I don’t have to shop around for other agencies – they provide everything I need … Their clinical liaison is great about visiting the patients and picking up symptoms that require adjustments.”
- Transplant Coordinator, New Jersey

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