Continuing Education

PromptCare offers several continuing education programs to help nurses and other healthcare professionals expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date on new developments in the fields of home infusion and respiratory therapy. Courses include:

  • Transitioning the IV Patient from Hospital to Home, offering 1 CE and CCM credit. This program highlights some of the latest therapies being administered in the home setting and also allows the nurses to visualize the pumps and various lines.
  • Transitioning the TPN Patient from Hospital to Home, offering 1 CE and CCM credit. This program focuses on the clinical components of bringing home and maintaining the TPN patient.
  • Home Therapy of Positive Inotropes for Treatment of End-Stage Heart Failure, offering 1.4 CE and 1.5 CCM credits. This program reviews clinical aspects of the end-stage heart failure patient with a strong focus on clinical assessment.
  • Understanding Home Nutrition Support, offering 1 CE credit. This program focuses on the planning for the safe and efficient discharge of patients on Enteral Nutrition support and Total Parenteral Nutrition support in the home setting.

PromptCare also offers the following are CCM programs for case managers. Courses include:

  • "NIV Noninvasive Ventilation" – A PowerPoint discussion on the use on noninvasive ventilation, when to use it, and what patient diagnosis would have the greatest benefit.
  • "Can't Always Get What You Want" – A review on the ever-changing insurance reimbursement for respiratory equipment and supplies.
  • "Mama, I'm Coming Home" – A review on the ventilator dependent discharge process including equipment, supplies, home environment, and insurance coverage.

PromptCare can also provide continuing education programs through our partnerships with various industry-leading manufacturers.

Please contact your local branch for more details on any of these courses.

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