Patient Testimonials

“When my daughter was first diagnosed, it was overwhelming. We had never used a pulse oximeter, suction machine or cough-assistive device before. But our PromptCare pediatric respiratory therapist explained what each piece of equipment was for and how to use it. From that day on, they have been a key part of our care team.”
- Jen Lozina, whose daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease that causes a loss of motor neurons, the nerve cells in the spinal cord. Emily relies on a non-invasive portable ventilator, provided by PromptCare, to go to birthday parties, attend picnics and travel to local attractions with her family.

“Thanks to the professionals at PromptCare, Ben is thriving at home – and with the help of a special valve, he recently spoke his first words. They’re always there to assist us. This company truly lives up to its name.”
- Jim, whose son, Ben, was diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero and is dependent on a ventilator. PromptCare helped the family bring Ben home and secured a special valve for his ventilator, which helped his speech become clearer.

“When we made the switch over to PRO2, we received compassionate attention and were fully supported by their amazing respiratory therapists. Most of all, they provided us with all the equipment needed in order to best manage our daughter’s complex medical situation. PRO2 was literally there for us any time of the day and night, bringing peace of mind to a stressful situation.”
- Stacy Goldberg, whose daughter, Rina, passed away from mitochondrial disease and depended on a ventilator to spend the last several months of her life at home.

Customer Testimonials

"PromptCare and every one of their respiratory therapists are extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in the continuum of care. They help the patients, the family and the hospital to transport the patient home in a safe manner and offer the highest quality of care. They are true patient advocates!"
- Peggy Bartram, Director of Respiratory Care at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, CT

“PromptCare’s dedicated team makes the biggest difference in the service they provide.”
- Laura Bogdan, RN, NICU Case Manager, Cohen Children’s Hospital in New Hyde Park, NY

“PromptCare makes sure that the equipment is at the home before the patient arrives, to help alleviate stress and anxiety.”
- Sue Hendricks, BSBH, LPN, RN, Administrator, Child Way Services in Lansdale, PA

“PromptCare provides a strong personal touch. I have patients that have extreme needs, requiring a lot of attention. PromptCare actually assigns a therapist to each patient that the patient and family can call directly. Not an 800 number, but a direct line to the same person every time. It really helps the patients and their families.”
- Michael Imevbore, MD, FCCP, CT Pulmonary Specialists

We’re one of the nation’s largest providers of home ventilator therapy.

"I never have to worry about my referrals with PromptCare. They really keep us in the loop, communicating with us about how our patients are doing. We have not nearly seen as many return visits to acute care as we have with other providers."

- Peggy Bartram, Director of Respiratory Care at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, CT

Our team:
Caring and committed
Deep experience
Highly responsive
Trusted partner
Valued expertise

"The PromptCare team is very professional and knowledgeable. When they bring in equipment, they bring in all the different pieces to conduct the training. They spend a lot of time with the family, going above and beyond to bond with them and making multiple visits to the patient's home. They take very good care of the patient and their equipment.”

- Peggy Bartram, Director of Respiratory Care at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, CT

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