Home Infusion Patient Transition Process

PromptCare Home Infusion can accept a referral in many ways:

  • Call (866) 776-6782 to speak with a dedicated patient admissions representative
  • Fax it to (800) 815-6808
  • Electronically transmit it via Allscript or Curaspan
  • Provide it directly to one of our account managers or clinical nurse liaisons

Our patient admissions representative will need the following information during the referral process:

  • The patient’s demographics
  • The therapy being prescribed/prescription
  • Insurance information
  • Route of administration
  • PICC information
  • Length of therapy
  • Documentation to support the need for home infusion, for example, the patient’s history and/or physical
  • A list of current medications

For therapies such as Cardiac, TPN, IVIG and specific diagnoses (for example, Lyme disease), we may also request additional information about the patient to assist in obtaining specific authorizations. Patient Admissions will relay the documentation necessary to expedite the clearance process and get your patient set-up faster.

PromptCare’s admissions team will work quickly to verify all insurance benefits and obtain any prior authorizations that are needed. We work directly with the insurance companies so that the patient and/or referral source does not need to get involved with the insurance process at all. Once insurance benefits are verified, a patient admissions representative or one of PromptCare’s clinical nurse liaisons will call to explain the benefits to the referral source and patient. This allows for everyone to be aware of what insurance will cover and if any out-of-pockets expenses will be required by the patient.

Once insurance clearance is obtained, PromptCare’s care coordinator will speak to the patient and/or caregiver to review all of the steps involved in the home care process and help set up the nursing visit and pharmacy delivery. Pharmacy and nursing look at every patient’s medical history, physical and medication profile to ensure proper care for the patient and that there are no contraindications for the new therapy that has been prescribed. A clinical nurse liaison will then be very involved in the entire admission phase to assist in providing clinical assessments and training to the patient and/or caregiver along with assisting the hospital clinical team with coordinating the transition to home.

From start to finish, PromptCare takes care of all the critical transition steps, so you don't have to.

“PromptCare is a very responsible company. They take full accountability for whatever you give them. I can always count on them and not have to worry.”

- Michael Imevbore, MD, FCCP, CT Pulmonary Specialists

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